Envion's blockbuster ICO reaches $100 million, turns crypto green

Coinstate Team : January 16th, 2018

Envion's blockbuster ICO reaches $100 million, turns crypto green

As of this writing KYC is still ongoing. Token Distribution is ongoing and takes some more days. Token-Unlocking E-Mails will be sent after successful KYC - in batches, not instant. Please be patient: kyc, unlocking, distribution takes hours to days for all 30,000 investors.

  • Tokens for ETH purchasers who have finished KYC and unlocked their tokens via email are currently being distributed.
  • Token distribution for BTC and CC will occur in the next days
  • Token distribution for transactions with errors and for large-sum CC purchases will also occur in the next days.
  • You will be notified when your batch of token distribution is complete,
  • Be patient as the distribution of millions of tokens will take time on an already slow ETH network

Network of mobile blockchain data centers to break Bitcoin's addiction to fossil fuels

Envion AG brings Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) into the mainstream with a month-long crowdfunding campaign that raised over $100 million (total value of fiat investment plus BTC/ETH at current exchange rate of Jan 14 4PM GMT; differs from received nominal amount) to produce a network of mobile blockchain data centers which use green energy with the potential to clean up the cryptocurrency mining industry. The Swiss company emerged from a stealth R&D period to the #6 ICO of all time and #9 crowdfunding campaign of all time by bucking the trend of appealing to the tech-minded cryptocurrency community and amassing 30,000 investors from all over the world.

Envion's Mobile Mining Units (MMUs) are modular data centers - standard CSC shipping containers retrofitted with a patent-pending cooling system and packed with the specialized hardware needed to perform the complex computations that support blockchain technologies and 'mine' cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Envion will use the ICO funding to construct a global network of MMUs which plug directly into power at green energy plants before the energy hits the grid in order to benefit from overcapacities which force wind, solar, and hydro energy providers to sell energy below cost or pay to feed energy into the grid.

Envion's MMUs can be moved to new energy sources when price, political, or supply conditions change, creating a resilient and decentralized infrastructure for blockchains. Envion offers a solution to the notoriously dirty and unstable business of cryptocurrency mining. The energy-intensive data centers that support blockchains for digital currencies have largely consolidated to areas of the former Soviet Union and China where CO2-intensive fossil fuel plants provide the cheap energy needed to operate and cool the hardware.

Billions of dollars went into funding for startups and investment by enterprises for blockchain technologies which rely on the blockchain infrastructure - just like today's tech giants still rely on data-centers. In China, home to nearly 70% of the world's Bitcoin mining, the government has already requested that mining operations make an 'orderly exit' from the industry and demonstrated the need for more decentralized support for blockchain - exactly the solution envion will provide with their MMUs.

Envion's technological innovations represent a tide change in the world of cryptocurrencies by introducing the kinds of industrial business processes and production standards usually associated with the auto industry and other German industrial technology giants like Bosch or Siemens.

Envion extended this level of corporate maturity to the ICO itself by issuing an asset-backed security for its token sale along accompanied by the kind of financial prospectus usually published prior to an IPO - something never before seen in the nascent ICO world. As financial regulators across the globe look to regulate ICOs and protect investors, envion serves as a model for a compliant crowdsale that operates with the same transparency and integrity of traditional financial markets.

The explosive growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum made headlines in 2017, leaving many to wonder how to invest in a market that seems opaque to outsiders. Envion went directly to these consumers and offered a user-friendly entrance to the market and revealed a market that was ready and willing to jump in with both feet.

Envion will now scale up the production of their network of Mobile Mining Units and install them at green energy plants around the world. LOIs have already been secured from dozens of utilities on 5 continents. ICO participants are entitled to earn 100% of profits from ICO funded MMUs and 35% of envion's profits from mining operations financed by third-parties.

ENVION AG, is a Swiss technology company with operations in Berlin. Envion's blockchain data center solution uses standard CSC shipping containers and a patent-pending air cooling system to house cryptocurrency mining hardware. It's Mobile Mining Units leverage overcapacities in the renewables industry via pre-grid energy connections for a price advantage that delivers profits to investors and reduces the carbon impact of cryptocurrency mining. They also provide the necessary, reliable crypto-infrastructure for future blockchain applications of large enterprises. Envion's ICO raised over $100m from investors in January of 2018 in one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of all time.

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