Envion ICO ended
6th largest ICO
By Coinstate Team |

Envion's blockbuster ICO reaches $100 million, turns crypto green

Envion AG brings Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) into the mainstream with a month-long crowdfunding campaign that raised over $100 million...

Bitserial Gold
Not paid yet
By Coinstate Team |

Bitserial's trust lost on failure to pay BTEG bonus

Bitserial failed to deliver on their second promise of their Bitserial Gold(BTEG) bonus casting a dark cloud over the operation of their lending platform...

Bitpay Debit card
Bitcoin Payment Protocol
By Coinstate Team |

Bitpay now require transfers to Debit Cards to come from wallets that support Bitcoin Payment Protocol

Bitpay will now require users that are sending bitcoins to their Bitpay card to send those bitcoins from a bitcoin wallet that supports Bitcoin Payment Protocol...

Cryptocurrency & The Blockchain
More Opportunities
By Coinstate Team |

5 More ways to make money with Digital currencies

Lending platforms sometimes called high yield investment platforms(HYIPs) provide a great way to get a steady stream of daily income with minimal effort and without the anxiety that comes with trading...

Cryptocurrency & The Blockchain
By Coinstate Team |

5 Different ways to make money with Digital currencies

There is a lot of buzz surrounding cryptocurrency bitcoin and its underlying component the blockchain, boasted as being a revolutionary technology in money...

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